Sunday, September 28, 2014

So much going on, so much has happened

I can't believe it has been months since I last posted! How did the time go so fast, and what have I been up to? I moved to a smaller place, so no real sewing area ( unless you count half of my bedroom), working 40+ hours a week at a job almost an hour away, and college classes mean hardly any sewing time. My machines are so lonely. But, hoping to be back in the sewing saddle soon, and more pics! Wish me luck.
Happy quilting everybody!


  1. Hello! I found your blog thru a search for "Bailey".. I have the 17" replacing my Janome 1600 as well.. It's not the best for me "stitchwise" loved my 1600's stitch quality so much more,, but must use because I bought it..LOL..Question: can you give me any hints on the tension adjusting.. my stitches are not the quality I'd like. As well, would love to chat a bit on line if you have time.. Your work is beautiful and I can see you have a true love of quilting.. I am a multi crafter using yarns as well as fabrics..and YES there is something called a Fabriholic..just as we of the Missouri Star forum..Barbara Johnson

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