Tuesday, May 21, 2013


So, tomorrow is the kids' last day of school, no more getting up early, yay!  My classes ended a week ago, and I passed everything, including math, double yay!!! So, it being my summer vacation ( I do still have work, but now I have time for sewing and quilting, time I was spending studying), I have been getting myself into the groove. First up, I finally got the timing set on my Bailey.  I have been having issues with it- my own fault- and was getting ready to take it in to my repair guy, when I decided to try it again.  I finally realized the foot needed to be adjusted, the needle shaft was correct, and doing what it needed to do.  So, a little tweaking, and it works!

Bette Bailey all ready for action!

Finally got my stitches to look great on the top and the bottom! I only have all of these waiting:
22 quilt tops hanging and waiting for their turn.  I also just finished piecing this yesterday:

So, that makes 23 tops.  I think I need to get busy. 
I hope everybody has a great day.  I have been watching the news about Oklahoma, and my prayers go out to those affected.