Sunday, September 29, 2013

Bad, bad blogger

I have been such a bad blogger.  No posts since August?! Yikes! But, I have been busy with other things:
Algebra that I have never done in my life! When my daughter saw it, she says "oh yeah, we did that last year", she is a sophomore in HS the year!

I love this class! It's so interesting to read about the history of different religions, and a lot of them are more alike than I realized. 

Almost done with my administrative course, I am in the last chapter, and then the final! I will get my certificate of completion, and be eligible to sit for a national certification. Yippee!

Then, I am onto the medical coding and billing course, to be done by December, and can get my national certification for that too. I couldn't believe all the books that came with just these 2 courses!

My math course and World Religions courses are towards my AA degree, and the other courses are non college credit training, to get me into the work force.  Eventually, I would like to have a Bachelor's in Health Care Administration.  That is, if the math courses don't get to me first (LOL).

But, I have also been doing some sewing too, never fear. 
I got all these blocks done:
122 blocks, they need to be trimmed up, then alternate white, red, white red.  My only problem was, when I started gathering red fabrics, I started going through totes of scraps. Which, led to this, among other things:
Ice cream buckets from work (clean of course), full of smallish scraps.  I sorted, ironed and got rid of fabric! In addition to these buckets, 3 totes were condensed down to 1 1/2.  I organized them by size or type (30's prints, etc), and put them into gallon size baggies in the totes. 
So then, because of all these wonderful scraps right beside me, I just had to do paper-pieced quilt.
I just sewed strips onto old  phone book pages, then trimmed them down.

Added a 1 1/2 inch border strip.

Put rows together.

And then the rows will be sewn together.  I am toying with the idea of offsetting the sashings, give it a different look. 
I have also decided to make the Love Entwined  quilt by hand for my daughter.  See, all 3 of my sons have quilts I made completely by hand.  Each took 2 years from start to finish.  But, having carpal tunnel, I stopped doing handwork.  Well, this quilt is phenomenal, and deserves to be done by hand.  So, I figure a bit each day while I watch tv in the evening, etc, I can get it done eventually..
Here are the fabrics I chose:
The first set of instructions.

Here are the fabrics.  I chose jewel tones, and the bolt of black is for the background. 
So, that's what I've been up to. Didn't seem like a lot until I compiled this list with pictures.  Oh, and I finished quilting a baby quilt, but I can't find the camera that has the pictures on it.  Lost (misplaced) my good camera, so started using the old camera, found the good camera, can't find the other one.  Isn't that how it always works?
Hope everyone has a great day,
Happy Quilting,