Friday, September 21, 2012

My Bailey is here!

Yippee, I so love the UPS guy.  Look what he brought me yesterday:

Ok, so I was a little bit intimidated by all the parts in the box.  Luckily, Mary (who I bought it from), had everything set up, and a page of tips, all I really had to concentrate on was getting the wheels for the stitch regulator on properly. 
Before I could set this all up today though, I had to finish the quilt that was 3/4 of the way done off the frame.  I did it, but it was a major hassle!  I think the machine didn't want to go!  I had threads shredding, breaking, I kept running out of bobbin thread, and having to wind more, etc.  I got to the last 3 inches of quilting, and ran out of bobbin thread again!  But it did get done.

It's one of Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilts, Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll.  It is so big, almost too big for my frame!  I had about 2 inches on each side to attach to my clamps for tension.  I used a soft gray thread, and an allover swirl design to quilt it.  I can't wait to put the binding on it, and use it on my bed.
So, this morning, I got up, and what did I do first thing:
Made a big cup of coffee, I was going to need it!
I then proceeded to take my Janome 1600P  with its stitch regulator off the frame.  It took a little while, there were wires everywhere. 
I then went ahead and got the Bailey on the frame, it really didn't take much time at all.  Like I wrote before, it was mainly making sure the wheels for the regulator were running smoothly. 

I used electrical tape to secure the button for the stitch regulator to the handle.  I am right handed, so it works great. 
Here's my first practice piece.  I love having the extra space!  I can do way bigger designs now.  I was having some issues with the bobbin not working right, but I oiled the shuttle, and loosened the bobbin case, and it works great now.  A lot of the tips and tricks I used for the Janome seem to work here too.  So far, so good.  I will do a couple more practice pieces, ( I want to try out some new quilting designs) before I load a proper quilt.  Plus, I need to get a new extension cord, mine won't work with this machine. 
Hope everyone has a great weekend (I'll be working and doing homework),
Happy quilting,

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Coming soon.

My Bailey will be here the day after tomorrow.  I guess I should finish the quilt on the frame if I want somewhere for it to go huh?  Thursday can't come soon enough...

Friday, September 14, 2012

I did it!

I bought a 15" Bailey mid arm quilting machine with a stitch regulator from Mary at  I am so excited!  Like a kid at Christmas! This will be the last gift from my dad, and I figure do it now, or I never will.  Got a good  deal, and best of all, I will be able to do bigger designs, including the feathers I love doing so much.  Really, by the end of a quilt, I have maybe 2-3 inches of quilting space left, and it's like quilting into a brick wall!
Well, gotta go,
Happy Quilting,

I must be insane quilt update

I am still plugging away at Bonnie Hunter's Santa Fe Star quilt, aka " I must be insane" quilt.
 Here I am sewing onto my phone book paper pieces.
 This is the one tote I got my scraps from.  The more I pulled from the bottom, the bigger the pile got!  How does that happen?  LOL
The pile of pieces waiting to be trimmed down.
trimmed down pieces.
Here are some of the pieces sewn together to make up just 2 of the star pieces.
 That's how far I have come since yesterday.  I am going to try to work on some today, but I have to get my math done today for my class.  I tell you, math is not my forte, but I am muddling through.  Now history, I love.  No real problems there.  And in case you thought school and quilting were all  I do, I have also been doing some of this:
Homemade pear butter in the crockpot (it was so good)
 Banana muffins and banana bread.  Still have a ton of frozen bananas in the freezer, so need to make some more.  They didn't last long.
I am also trying to get into making some clothes for myself.  I am one of those larger uptop ladies, and finding clothes to fit me is hard ( and expensive), and I am getting tired of t-shirts.  So, I am trying. 

 On a last note, I have an opportunity to buy a mid arm quilting machine for a very reasonable price, and sell my Janome 1600P.  Still trying to decide for sure if I should go for it or not.  It's a 15" Bailey with a stitch regulator.  It will just fit on my frame, and would give me lots more room to do bigger designs, as I am thinking of starting to do allover quilting for others.  Argh, decisions!

Well, happy quilting,

Sunday, September 2, 2012

I must be crazy

So last month (I can't believe it's September already! ), I got these 2 great books for my birthday:

Love 'em!  So many wonderful patterns and ideas!  I am going to do my darndest to make every single one.  I have already made several of her mystery quilts. 
So, why am I crazy you may ask?  I decided to go ahead and make this quilt:
Yep.  And so far, I have a small stack:
About 20 down, only 180 to go! I really am crazy.
Oh, on the quilting machine front: long story short, didn't have to take it to the repairman- I threaded it wrong.  Yep, I have only had it for 4 years, and I managed to thread it wrong!  :p.  I swear, sometimes I worry about myself, LOL. 
Now, off to get some sleep, I just got home from work and I am very tired (finally).  Hope everybody has a great Labor Day weekend. 
Happy quilting,