Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Non-quilty Post

Today, I was supposed to finish my Trail Mix quilt. One border to go.  Instead, it was spent keeping an eye on  this:
My mom was on the way home, came around the corner, and saw smoke.  We called 911, and within 1/2 hour it was this.  Not the first fire we have had.  Good news, there is a nature park back there, so it's not as difficult to get back there as it used to be, and the wind is pushing it away from us, and after the last fire, they cleared around the entire neighborhood.  Still, I find myself thinking about what to grab if they tell us to leave at all.  Wonder how quickly I could pack up my quilting system and my quilts?LOL. 50% chance of rain tomorrow though, so hopefully we will get something.  It's Florida to pete's sake, it's supposed to be wet here.  Well, gotta go, bed time and work tomorrow in the AM.  Gotta make that fabric money, LOL
Happy Quilting,

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