Saturday, June 4, 2011

Shh! Watch out for the Quilt Police...

That's what I always used to think.  I used to think I had to do everything by the book, or it was wrong, and the "quilt police" would come. It's very hard to get over at times.  I pretty much have gotten past this point, but it came roaring back when I was quilting tonight.  I am quilting my Trail Mix quilt, using maxi lock multicolored thread, doing an allover teardrop design.  I was quilting along, but it wasn't looking right to me.  I kept thinking " these don't look even enough", or " the threads keep crossing, I'm going to have to take these stitches out".  But, I pushed those thoughts away.  So what if it isn't perfect?  So what if the threads cross sometimes, or they look more like feathers instead of teardrops?  There are no quilt police here, and this is MY QUILT!  I can quilt it however I want, and the imperfections are mine, and mine alone, and I dare anyone to find them.  (Please don't look). So, that's my rant for today.  I started thinking about all of this because of Leah Day's blog  She is doing 365 quilting designs, and they are really neat.  It's where I got the teardrop quilting design from.  I'm going to be trying out as many designs as I can.  Anyway,she was talking about how we all worry so much about things matching, and designs being perfect, instead of just having fun!  I quilt because I enjoy it, and it's fun for me.  
Here is what I had fun working on tonight: 

Can anyone spot the mistakes?  I can, but I also find it very organic, and free-flowing.  So, Trail Mix is on the frame, and hopefully I can get it done soon.  I wound 7 bobbins, and used 3 on the first 2 rows alone!  The inside will be quilted with the teardrop/feather shape, and I am doing a spiral/feather type design in the borders.  I will have to turn the quilt to do the side borders though, so I am basting the sides as I go.  I tried it once without doing so, and it was a nightmare to repin it to the leaders.  Lesson learned.  My goal this summer is to get as many of these quilt tops quilted as I can.  I have a large pile, some have been waiting patiently for years to get finished!  I know I am not the only one though, I saw a picture someone had posted of 75 tops she had waiting to be quilted!  She had just gotten a quilting system, and was trying to make a dent.  Wow!  
Well, I had better get going, tomorrow is a work day, but it's my Friday, so I just have to get through it.  It pays the bills (and buys me more fabric), so it's a necessity.  LOL.  
Lest I forget, here is a new pic of Mr. Hiro:

his eyes are blue in every picture, no clue why!

He is now a whopping 4.13 lbs!  Went and got his second set of shots on Tuesday, and was not a happy puppy!  Wailed like he was being tortured, then fell asleep in my daughter's arms on the way home.  He's just too cute for words.  We are working on the housetraining, it's taking some time, he's very stubborn!  Fits in fine in this household. 
Well, time to study for a while, then bed.  
Happy quilting, and don't dream of the dreaded QP! 
LOL, Marianne

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