Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Easy Street part 5

Despite it  being the weekend before Christmas, and working, I managed to get a few things done.  Most of Easy Street part 5 got done:

This is just a smattering, I love these colors together,  Does anybody know how many clues are coming?  I am chomping at the bit wanting to know how this turns out.  I am also one of those sad people who have to read the end of the book before I start reading it! 

I was also asked to please, please, please make a toddler sized Florida Gators quilt by Christmas eve.  This was last Thursday.  Yep, I was busy.  Got the top done, put it on the frame, where everything went crazy.  I kept dropping bobbins everywhere, the thread kept breaking, and making birds nests on the back.  Finally got it done around 1 am Sunday night.  When I went to put the binding on it, my thread kept coming out of the machine, etc.  This was one quilt that did not want to cooperate! I didn't get a chance to take a picture, my camera was dead, but here is the aftermath:
I learned two things: orange and blue are not my favorite colors, and that Walmart carries Gator fabrics when you frantically run in at 11 pm the night before Christmas eve, because you don't have enough for the backing.  But, it got done, and she is happy with it. 

On another note, my oldest son moved out, so his room is being turned into just-the-sewing room. 
There is still the fish tank and the turtle tank.  He keeps saying they'll be by to get them, but they haven't yet.  The poor suckers are lucky I remember to feed them, in this house if you don't remind me by asking " when's dinner?" or bark and beg for food, I will forget.  Don't ask about the beta fish my daughter used to have.  If they don't come to get them soon, I may put a posting on facebook that reads " Free to good home- one abandoned turtle and a fish family, very loving even if I get a disgruntled look on my face if not fed on time"  ( just kidding- maybe) .
Hope everyone had a great Christmas, and bring on 2013!
Happy quilting,

Monday, December 17, 2012

easy street, part 4

I have been slowly working on easy street , part 4, Bonnie Hunter's latest mystery quilt. 
untrimmed flying geese

stack of purple and white geese, with stack of purple and turquoise geese.

geese sewn together. 

I really can't wait to see what this comes out to be. Bonnie has also created a pattern for a scrappy flying geese quilt, called  geese on a string, based on an antique quilt she found.  I love anything with little scrap pieces of fabric!  This is one I will be making in the near future.  This week will be finding me celebrating Christmas on Tuesday ( my kids are going to their Dad's in Alabama for the holidays), work and cleaning my house, something it is really needing.  I will also be moving sewing machines and tables into what was my son's bedroom, and getting some sewing done, instead of laundry and dishes.  Yeah, 16 days of freedom, just me, my mom and the dog! I'll miss my kids, but they'll be back before I know it. 
Hope everyone has a great week,
Happy quilting,

Friday, December 14, 2012

What am I working on today?

Today, I finished the string blocks for Bonnie Hunter's, Blue Skies, from her book: String Fling, scrappy, happy and loving it.  Over the past week, I turned these:
Into these:
And finally to these:
Now, onto making over a thousand half square triangles.  Yikes.  It's going to be great when it's done though.  Only problem? My scraps seem to be multiplying! :)
On the home front, school is over for this semester, and I have a month before it begins again.  And, my oldest son moved out, so his room will be turned into the sewing room!  Yippee!!! Oh, and my two youngest kids are going to their Dad's for Christmas and New Year's.  So, I will be cleaning house, and rearranging and moving sewing gear and fabrics.  The quilting machine and such will stay where it is, it fits perfectly there, but I will have a room where I can close the door on the mess.  Can we get a whoop whoop!!
So, time to get cracking on some more sewing today.  I am trying to get clue 4 of Bonnie Hunter's
easy street mystery quilt done, or at least some of it done today.  Have to be at work by 3.  Why does life have to get in the way all the time?:)
I do however, have all the other clues done, and for once they are all in one container:

 Yep, time to get sewing! 
Hope every one has a great day.
Happy quilting,

Monday, December 3, 2012

Easy street part 2

I am loving this mystery quilt so far.  Much easier, like Bonnie Hunter promised it would be this year.  I worked on clue # 2 this weekend, but not as much as I would like to.  I came down with the flu, and it is kicking my butt.  So, I am in bed, trying to get my energy back. Get your flu shot.  ( my public service message).  So far, I have about 1/2 done, and the rest will get done when I am back on my feet.

I am having an issue with my pictures being blurry in the middle. No clue why, probably a setting or something.  I have a tendency to fiddle with things, then forget what I did, and how to undo it.  Well, time for a shower, and then a nap.  I feel like I ran a marathon, and all I did was get up and get a cup of coffee. Oh, and look at the kitchen- yep the hurricane I call family has been through there.  Sigh~.
Happy quilting everybody,