Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Finally a new post.

I finally found the time to put up a new post, we were on vacation for almost 3 weeks.  Yep, we drove from Florida to Montana with my two youngest teenagers. Oldest son stayed home for work, and he and his fiancee took care of the house and our dog. My other son lives in Alabama, we stopped to see him on the way.  I don't remember the last time I went on vacation without  a dog or dogs.  It was nice to not have to stop a lot to walk a dog around. We stopped to enjoy the scenery
I love visiting my family in Billings, Mt.  It's my mom's hometown, and where I am moving next summer.  There are jobs in my field, and the cost of living is less.  I could get used to the views too.
This is the view of the rims from the end of my aunt's house.  It's even prettier in the winter.
My aunt's house.  She is enlarging the dining/kitchen area, hence the bare spot in the lawn.

another view of the rims.

her gorgeous lawn.  the best thing- no fire ants!

my daughter and my Aunt Joyce

Mom, Joyce, my daughter, aunt Susan, and uncle Lee.

my daughter and son

my daughter and my Aunt.      

From Billings, we headed northwest , through some beautiful country

To see this little guy:
My new little nephew! 

He is 7 months old now, and absolutely adorable, and has mom and dad wrapped around his finger.  Grandma too!
I actually got a picture everybody together:
We had a great time, can't wait until next year, when we move back up there!
Oh, and just so this post isn't all about vacation pictures, here is a picture of a quilt my aunt made for her step daughter's new baby:
Isn't it cute? It's a panel, but she added embroidery, etc.  It's so soft, perfect for those cold Montana winters!
Hope everybody has a great day!
Happy quilting,