Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Praying for storm victims

To all of those of you dealing with these horrible storm systems that have been occurring, our thoughts and prayers are with you.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Tutorial

This is a tutorial for freezer paper applique.  I like to use this method for applique I want to look more like hand-applique.  It fives it a softer feel than fusible web does.  
I first start with freezer paper, also called butcher block paper.  I have an extra large roll that I got from a yard sale.  They can also be bought at  Sam's club, or other wholesale clubs.
I first traced around my pattern piece: in this case a cup.  Trace on the paper side.

Cut out pattern piece on the line and iron (wax side down) to the wrong side of your fabric.
Let it cool, and then cut out about 1/4 inch from the edge of the paper, I just eyeball it.  I use pinking shears so I don't have to do any extra cutting to turn the edges under smoothly.
Then take a washable glue stick (I like to use the purple one because I can see where I have put the glue down) You can use any glue stick you want as long as it's washable.  I usually stock up during the back to school sales.
I start by putting glue along the edge and fold in the seam allowance, pressing to hold in place.
Here is the finished piece:

If you were doing a piece that goes under another piece like this rosebud piece , you would leave the part that goes under open.

I then start layering my pieces that I have prepared ahead of time.  Using thread that matches the piece I am stitching, I stitch them in place using a mock hand applique stitch. 
The stitch is number 25 on my Brother SE 400.
When all the pieces are done, and stitched in place, here was my completed block:
I can't wait to see the quilt top finished!

Happy Quilting,

P.S. I forgot to add that after I finish stitching the applique down, I turn it over and cut out the background fabric from behind the applique pieces.  I then wet the freezer paper and it's fairly easy to take out then. Sorry, I forgot that part.  Thanks Debbie for reminding me. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

More unfinished projects

So, I have been looking around and finding a lot of unfinished projects.  More than I thought I would.  I am a Queen of UFOS!  (I have a puppy snuggling next to me, sorry if the typing isn't the greatest). Here are just a few:

The petals are appliqued down with pink thread and a buttonhole stitch.  The yellow s appliqued down also.  I am thinking about doing a pink sashing, and a pink scrappy backing.

Here is another UFO I am longing to finish:

I got this fabric at Walmart years ago, I love it as a dresden plate, the frogs chase each other!

I fussy cut the frogs and they are chasing each other in a circle.  I was originally going to put them on a solid background, but it just didn't work.  I love the green with the dots, and it's going to be a lively quilt, bright for sure!

And, here is a video of little Mr. Hiro, because he's just too darn cute!

I hope everyone has a great day! 

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Roll roll cotton boll mystery done!

I finally finished my Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt.  She has a blog, and this was her latest mystery.  I usually don't do quilts where I have no idea how it'll turn out, but this one caught me.  Well, in my fit of " I need to finish some of these quilts that I have started before I even think of starting another one" , I finished putting this one together.  
Here I am trimming the edges to square up the top before adding the inner border. 

These are the outer borders being pieced.  I wondered what I was sewing and cutting the strips together for.  But, it was all worth it for this:
I can't believe how big this is!  I hope I can fit it on my frame.  It's going to be a tight fit for sure.  But, I absolutely love it.  Can't wait to quilt it. 
In other news, this is our newest family member:

Meet Hiro, our new puppy.  He's 8 weeks old, a chiluala miniature daschund mix, 3 lbs. sopping wet!  We have been wanting to get another dog, but I wanted to wait at least a year after losing our other dogs. ( Our older one passed away, and the other went with my brother).  We needed to grieve.  He's so cute, and lovable.  My daughter is so very happy.  Anyway, that's the news for today.  I hope to have a tutorial up soon on freezer paper applique.  (yes, I have started on a new project, I could hear the laughter when I said I was finishing other projects first).  Til then, happy quilting! Marianne

Monday, May 2, 2011

A better permanant fix- hopefully- and why thrift stores are bad for me

I think I may have-hopefully- fixed the broken pin problem I have been having.  In my prior post, I showed using a shelf pin, but it was just a little too big, so into the
junk drawer I searched.  I found an eyelet screw.  Aha! I thought, so I decided to try it on one of my many broken pieces.  It works! Better than the shelf pin even!  I can put the cap on, lift it up and down, etc.  Eureka, I think I got it! I really, really hope so.  Here's a pic:
 See the silver eyelet screw? I used my drill with a very small bit to drill a pilot hole into the plastic where the take-up pin broke.  Then, I used a pair of pliers to help screw in the screw.  Put it into place, and it works.  Let's see how it does when I put a quilt on the frame (maybe tonight).  I'll keep you posted.  

Onto why thrift stores are bad for me.  I have been trying to keep my cost of fabric down.  I have sworn to keep away from quilt shops, etc for a while and use up some of the fabric I have.  Well, we have a new Goodwill thrift store not to far from me, and I have discovered their clearance center.  99 cents per pound for clothing.  Yes, 99 cents!  I can't remember whose blog it was I read about the clearance centers, but when this store opened less than a year ago, they became the only store in the area with the clearance.  So, this is from just one trip:

The orange dress has about 2 yards alone!  And I love the brown and the green fabrics.  Oh, the possibilities!  And, I am doing my part for the environment by keeping these from going to the landfill.  I also only spent maybe $5 for all of it.  So, I saved money, did my part for the environment, and got a lot of fabric.  That's my story, and I'm definitely sticking to it.  

Have a great day, and keep on quilting! 

Finally finished!

It's finally finished! After about 5 years, I finally finished my Rose Wreath quilt. 
 It is very large. My frame only goes up to a queen size, and this was pushing it! 

detail of crosshatching in borders.

detail of feathered wreath.      

 I had never really done feathers, at least not wreath feathers, or ruler work before.  I think I am hooked!  It was so much fun,  I can't wait to do it again. I have several quilts that would look great with some old-fashioned detail work.  

Now, onto my problem frame.  I broke 2 more take up pins within the last 4 inches of quilting.  I kid you not.  I have 1 more spare part out of the 4 they sent me.  I am extremely disappointed in this one particular part of the frame.  Otherwise, I love it.  It's sturdy and solid, and very well built, but for that one piece.  So, I went about trying to find a way to fix the part on my own, rather than calling the company again for a part that will probably break again.  I went to my second home-the hardware store.  (My dad worked at an Ace Hardware for over 30 years, so hardware stores are one of my favorite stores, behind quilting shops, and bookstores)  Anyway, I picked up these: 
These are flat shelf pins.  I drilled a hole where the plastic take up pin broke off,and inserted it:
 The only problem is it's a little too tall, so I removed the cover off the top.  It works though, and that's the most important thing.  I also did this:

 I got some 5 inch high bed risers and raised the frame up several inches, because I am 5' 9", and my back was getting to hurting.  It also seems to have fixed my leveling problem for now.  
Until later, have a great day,