Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Tutorial

This is a tutorial for freezer paper applique.  I like to use this method for applique I want to look more like hand-applique.  It fives it a softer feel than fusible web does.  
I first start with freezer paper, also called butcher block paper.  I have an extra large roll that I got from a yard sale.  They can also be bought at  Sam's club, or other wholesale clubs.
I first traced around my pattern piece: in this case a cup.  Trace on the paper side.

Cut out pattern piece on the line and iron (wax side down) to the wrong side of your fabric.
Let it cool, and then cut out about 1/4 inch from the edge of the paper, I just eyeball it.  I use pinking shears so I don't have to do any extra cutting to turn the edges under smoothly.
Then take a washable glue stick (I like to use the purple one because I can see where I have put the glue down) You can use any glue stick you want as long as it's washable.  I usually stock up during the back to school sales.
I start by putting glue along the edge and fold in the seam allowance, pressing to hold in place.
Here is the finished piece:

If you were doing a piece that goes under another piece like this rosebud piece , you would leave the part that goes under open.

I then start layering my pieces that I have prepared ahead of time.  Using thread that matches the piece I am stitching, I stitch them in place using a mock hand applique stitch. 
The stitch is number 25 on my Brother SE 400.
When all the pieces are done, and stitched in place, here was my completed block:
I can't wait to see the quilt top finished!

Happy Quilting,

P.S. I forgot to add that after I finish stitching the applique down, I turn it over and cut out the background fabric from behind the applique pieces.  I then wet the freezer paper and it's fairly easy to take out then. Sorry, I forgot that part.  Thanks Debbie for reminding me. 

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  1. Very nice block. I like the way you did the pictures so I could zoom in and see what that "mock hand applique" stitch looks like. I'll be searching my Viking for that stitch. Do you take out the paper before or after you sew the piece down?

    Deb Clements