Friday, September 14, 2012

I must be insane quilt update

I am still plugging away at Bonnie Hunter's Santa Fe Star quilt, aka " I must be insane" quilt.
 Here I am sewing onto my phone book paper pieces.
 This is the one tote I got my scraps from.  The more I pulled from the bottom, the bigger the pile got!  How does that happen?  LOL
The pile of pieces waiting to be trimmed down.
trimmed down pieces.
Here are some of the pieces sewn together to make up just 2 of the star pieces.
 That's how far I have come since yesterday.  I am going to try to work on some today, but I have to get my math done today for my class.  I tell you, math is not my forte, but I am muddling through.  Now history, I love.  No real problems there.  And in case you thought school and quilting were all  I do, I have also been doing some of this:
Homemade pear butter in the crockpot (it was so good)
 Banana muffins and banana bread.  Still have a ton of frozen bananas in the freezer, so need to make some more.  They didn't last long.
I am also trying to get into making some clothes for myself.  I am one of those larger uptop ladies, and finding clothes to fit me is hard ( and expensive), and I am getting tired of t-shirts.  So, I am trying. 

 On a last note, I have an opportunity to buy a mid arm quilting machine for a very reasonable price, and sell my Janome 1600P.  Still trying to decide for sure if I should go for it or not.  It's a 15" Bailey with a stitch regulator.  It will just fit on my frame, and would give me lots more room to do bigger designs, as I am thinking of starting to do allover quilting for others.  Argh, decisions!

Well, happy quilting,

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