Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Long arm envy

I have been working on a very intricate, special quilt.  Mike, if you're reading this, STOP NOW! Ok, so it's his wedding quilt, and it has lots of feathers, stuffed work, etc.  Working with a 9 inch machine it's a lot of rolling, and trimming of threads.  I really do have long arm envy now.  15-17 inches, not having to roll so much would be great.  But, at least I don't have to struggle with trying to quilt on my DSM.  I know several people who do wonderful work that way, it's just not for me. 
So, this is what I have been working on:

the feathered border

feathered heart
The feathers in both the border and the block are trapunto, so there is excess thread from the water soluble thread.  I can't show much more until it's done, so little bits here and there. 
I did actually finish something though, my Trail Mix quilt.  I still have to put on the binding, but it's done!  Cross that off my list.  

In other life news, I have a visitor for the month: 
This is my 17 year old who lives out of state with his dad.  He is visiting for the month, and it's so great to have my kids all together for probably on of  the last times in a long time, considering how fast they are growing and going in different directions, with college and all.  Makes me kind of sad and yet happy at the same time.  Sad because I miss them being little and needing me, and happy cause I'll have more me time for quilting, and going places. (Yeah right! ). 
Anyway, I came out one day and found something heard of but rarely seen:
A teenager doing dishes!  LOL!  I am usually the one doing the dishes, so this shocked me.  I haven't had to do them in almost a week!  I think I'll enjoy this month, and he's already asked about other things to do around the house...
Happy quilting, Marianne

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