Wednesday, October 19, 2011

sold my first quilt!

So, I sold my first quilt using E-bay!  I am very happy, even if I basically broke even.  I sold this one, one of the baby quilts with the fleece backing.
I enjoyed making this quilt, and I hope she enjoys it. 
On the other fronts (life, etc), school is going good, I have 2 more weeks in this semester, then go back again for 12 weeks in January, 6 weeks job shadowing, and I am done!  I can't believe how fast this is all going!  We (my mom and I) are going to be sewing like crazy over November and December and get an Etsy shop opened up, and sell a few things, like quilts, clothing, home dec, etc.  She is very talented at clothing and such.  I just have to get the sewing area reorganized, it's really not very efficient right now.  Actually, it's non-efficient!  LOL. 
On the work front, I have moved to an overnight position, which is where I started out, and I actually enjoy it more.  People are much more relaxed, not in such a hurry, so I think it's a really good fit for me, plus I get home at 4 or 5 AM, and can get a bit of sewing in because everyone is asleep, and no one needs anything.  Except the puppy, but he goes right back to sleep after I give him some attention!  I love my little munchkin! 
Hopefully, I will have some pics up in  few days of the newly rearranged sewing area, and the postage stamp quilt top I have been working on.  The pieces are 2 inch unfinished size (yes, I said unfinished size),  it's taking a while, but it's coming along, and I can't wait to see it finished, I think it's going to be quite the undertaking.  Hopefully, I'll use a LOT of scraps! 
Happy quilting, Marianne

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