Friday, April 20, 2012

Been awhile.

I just realized last night that it had been at least 2-3 weeks since I last blogged! Sorry about that, it's just been crazy with school, and gearing up for finals, etc.  I only have 2 more class days, and then the final, and I am done.  All I have left to do will be a 40 hours week externship, and working on weekends.  Yep, for about a month, probably nothing will be heard from me.  In the immortal words of my instructor,"Prepare to have no life for a month". But time goes by quickly, too quickly sometimes, and I'll be back with more pictures of projects before I know it. In the meanwhile, here is a little something I have been working on, courtesy of Bonnie Hunter.  It's the spiderweb pattern, and I love it:                                                                      
I went ahead and used some scrappy reds instead of all one red. 

My nice stack of blocks. 

working on another block piece. Only 5 more block to go!

I am already planning my next project, and I haven't even finished with this one yet! I think my quilting mojo is back! I found a tutorial for a great Dresden plate that is strip pieced!  I can't wait to do it, another way to use up small scraps!
Oh, before I finish up, let me present:
BCC Medical Assistant Program graduates of Spring 2012!
Happy Quilting,

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