Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ah, life

So, Tuesday was my last official class day, and Monday, I go out into the real world, onto my externship.  I really can't wait, because it's a chance to put everything I have learned into real world applications.  I passed both of my classes with A's (whoo-hoo!).  Then, that evening (Tuesday) got a phone call from my brother that our Dad is in the hospital, and won't be going home, from the hospital he will be going to a nursing home, he needs full-time care.  So, I will be doing my externship (200 hours) as fast as I can, and getting my butt to South Dakota to check on him, and make sure he has all he needs, and we will try to figure out what to do with his house and all the stuff in it.  He has a lot of stuff, but it is all in a somewhat orderly fashion (I get the lots of stuff from him, but I definitely didn't get the orderly), it's just going to be time consuming, very.  I think though, that once he gets settled someplace permanently, he will do a lot better, and I won't worry, like I have been.  This, I really do believe is for the better for him.
     Onto the sewing/slash quilting front, my classmates and I had this quilt done for our instructor:

She put the top together, by hand, about 10 years ago, and never got the chance to quilt it.  It contains some of her dad's shirts in it.  She loves it.  

Here is a picture of the back, you can see the stipple quilting done.  A local long arm quilter by the name of Sally Cascario, did the quilting.  I have know her for several years through our guild, she does wonderful quilting.  

I had her do the binding too, and she did a great job, with a decorative stitch.  All in all a wonderful, warm, quilt.  I have also found a new design to use up those scrappy squares I have cut out! 

On the sewing front, I finally started a different dress design, and I will put the picture up later.  I actually accomplished a good buttonhole!  I have never, ever been able to do a good buttonhole, seriously, I always had to have my mom do them for me.  But, I pulled out my instruction manual, and my buttonhole foot, and it actually worked!  So, hopefully I will have a picture on my next blog post.

I do, however, have a picture of some of the quilting being done on this scrap strip quilt:

I have been quilting like crazy on this thing, and I am not even halfway done yet!  I think I will quilt the next quilt with a loop design that is fairly large in size next time! I have filled 7 bobbins 3 times already!

I found this great tutorial on a scrappy dresden plate, and now I can't remember the web address!  If anyone knows, could you let me know? I would love to put a link in, so others can do this too.  I love this block! 

And just for a little dose of cuteness, a great pic of my daughter and our little dog, Mr. Hiro:
He likes to climb up on anything and everything.  I had moved the dining chairs over, and he discovered to could go from the floor to the chair to the counter.  Then, he couldn't get down!  It's like having a toddler around, but we love him to pieces. 

Happy quilting,

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