Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My mojo is back!

Yep, my quilting mojo is back!  I finally got myself to sit down and do some quilting and sewing.  I had 4 quilts stacked, waiting to get binding, so I spent the other evening making the bindings, and Monday morning was spent putting them on.  I also still had the string quilt on the frame, so I was ambitious enough to finish quilting it, then put on the binding, and washed it.  So, I have a nice pile of quilts:
The fifth one isn't pictured, I gave it to my son and his girlfriend, they love it.  It's my Orca Bay mystery quilt, and they had their eye on it for a while, so I surprised them. 
I discovered a new way to put binding on a quilt, by using my serger!  It makes it go so fast, I think I will do most of my quilt bindings this way:
 See how smooth it is?

 I used an embroidery stitch to stitch the binding down on the front. 

So, here is my newest project, I started it yesterday.  One of my coworkers is having a baby girl, so of course, I have to make a quilt.  Any excuse right? This is the fleece backing:

This is the front.  I love how all the colors are so bright. I was so proud of myself for putting away the fabrics after I was all done! 

The hearts are stitched down with the raw edge applique technique.  So, once it's all quilted and washed, it'll have a soft, frayed edge.  

I hope to have it quilted tomorrow morning.  I don't use batting when I use fleece for the backs of quilts, I find it's too heavy if I use a batting. Plus, we live in Florida, so we really don't need heavy quilts. 

Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful week!
Happy quilting,

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