Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lots of pictures ahead

I think I may have fixed my photo issue.  Apparently, this has been happening to a lot of people.  So, I set the pixels to 2048 for photos, and hopefully, that will settle that. 
I have been pretty busy the last month or so.  Studying, studying, studying.  I realized I needed to get back into sewing when my blood pressure spiked and stayed there.  It hit me then that I hadn't sewn in about 2 weeks!  The minute I sat down to do some hand sewing, I felt my entire body relax.  My BP has been fairly normal since then.  So, schedule in that sewing time!
I made this cute little dress:
Isn't it so cute?  (ignore the untidy shelves behind it).  I lined it and everything, and-ready for it- put in an invisible zipper!
Up next, pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving and Christmas! Between my son's girlfriend and myself, we cooked down 2 pumpkins and made about 7 pies! Two went straight in the freezer for next month, the rest are gone already. 

 These quilt tops I got at a local flea market, and got a great deal on all 3, and a quilt!  The lady didn't want to have to take them home and clean them.  It took me 3 washes to get the smell out, but worth it.  It's worth going to the flea market at the end of the day, people are willing to let things go for a bargain.

hand pieced.  this one will be done way before mine will be :)
One of my bosses retired after 27 years with the company,  6 years of being my manager, so I decide to make her a quilt.

I had people from work sign a piece of fabric with fabric pens, heat set it, and then quilted it on the back.

I am so going to miss her and her british accent!
Well, gotta go and have some more medicine, I am nursing a wicked cold and sore throat!  There will be no sewing today :(
Happy quilting,

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