Friday, August 9, 2013

August already?

I can't believe it's been over a month since I last blogged! Yikes! I haven't been doing a whole lot of anything other than sitting at the computer doing homework for my online program, and finding stuff to do that consists sitting in front of the air conditioner.  Yep, July and August in Florida is miserable, just miserable.  Standing in front of my machine quilting? Not likely, when the cool air only goes out about 2 feet from the window unit.  Nope, I will catch up with quilting when its cooler, like November, maybe. :). I have been doing some sewing though, and sorting through fabric:

This is just what I have pressed and stacked so far, I still have to go through all this: 

Why is it when you start pulling fabric bits out of a tote, they explode, and become a lot more than you think? And, why, oh why, did I think I would ever use a strip 3/4 inch wide?
That is just one tote to go through, there are also these:
 And these:
Including the 3 in the sewing room, I have 20 totes of scraps.  Almost 20 years worth! My goal this year is to use as much of my stash as I can, I even joined a group on Yahoo called Stashbusters.  I have vowed to buy only fabric that is needed, like for a backing, etc. But, I think I have that covered, because I took down the shelves full of yardages, and put them in see through totes:
All of this is in preparation for moving.  We have our house up for short sale, and planning a move out to Montana next summer, so either way, my fabric is ready! I just can't wait to get settled and be able to have stuff somewhat organized again, this is driving me crazy!
Well, almost time to get ready for work.  When I get home, hopefully I will have the time and energy to sort through some more scraps.  I will also try to find my other camera, which has the pictures of my most recent quilt top I just completed, it's a Bonnie Hunter pattern from her leaders and enders book, Mad City Mama is the pattern.  I love it!
Happy quilting,

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