Monday, April 14, 2014

warning, long long post- and pics!

I have been so long from the blogging world (as in no posts of my own, but still reading others). Got a new full time job (for now) doing temp work here there and everywhere in a local hospital group. Hoping it leads to a full time (with benefits!) job in one place. Love it, but not used to less time for sewing. For a while, I was working also on the weekends, so some weeks it was working everyday. I think I did 3 weeks straight. Add in school, something had to give and the weekend job went away. Kind of sad, I worked there for 11 years, but it was time. Much happier, and studying more. We are also getting ready to move into a rental house in the next month or 2, and having to pack up 15 years worth of stuff is driving me crazy! But, I have been sewing and quilting:
bought this as a curtain at the local Goodwill clearance center. Works perfect for a backing!

used a panel for a soft baby book for blocks. I love this quilt. Made for a former co-workers baby boy.
Here is another one I made for another former coworkers baby girl:

I used some practice blocks in the backing. She loves it. 

My honey and I went to a quilt show in March:

My honey checking out one of the quilts in the show.

                                          We also went on a trip to Old St. Augustine Fl.

The B&B we stayed at, The Carriage Way. Beautiful and the food was so good.

I loved the bathroom, look at the shower!

The bed was so tall, I had to literally jump into it! 

                                   We walked around town for hours, and saw the sights:

Flagler college
St Augustine Lighthouse

He talked me into climbing to the top!
                                                 And another machine to add to the collection:

 A Singer 99, the big sister to the Featherweight. Yep, I have added more to the collection. I now also have a Featherweight, but no pictures. It is now complete ( I hope). Is there a 12 step program for fabricaholics and sewing machinaholics? I think I just made up a new word!
Hope everyone has a great day,
Happy quilting

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