Friday, January 28, 2011

Better late than never

Ok, I am a serious procrastinator.  Very, very bad procrastinator.  But, I do usually get things done.  It just may take a while.  This quilt, for instance...
This quilt is in the Drunkard's Path variation, called Love Knots.  It was one of the first curved piecing I ever did.  I did this in maybe 1995 or so.  It moved with us from New Mexico to Florida, almost 13 years ago!
I just did an all over loop and meander, nothing really fancy, but this thing was almost too big for my frame!  And I was planning to hand quilt this when I made it!  I loved looking at all the different fabrics, and I used muslin for the plain pieces.  It's amazing how my tastes have changed in 17 years of quilting.  Wow.
I love the back too.  I made the back up of 10" squares, for a reversible quilt.  I have decided to shop my stash.  That's very hard for me.  But, it's also become fun.  A challenge so to speak.  So, the "Better Late Than Never" quilt is done!  (Now onto the numerous others waiting in the wings...)

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