Sunday, February 27, 2011

New quilts

So far so good on the new frame.  I love it, it glides so smoothly.  I finished the first quilt in about an hour.  Would've taken less time, but I kept having to wind bobbins.  I thought 3 would be enough, but it was more like nine.  LOL.  I did an allover swirl in different sizes, and I think it turned out pretty good.  Here are some pics.  

Scrappy pink tumbler quilt

Fleece back of pink tumbler quilt.

Detail of quilting on pink tumbler.  

 I love to use a variegated thread on scrappy quilts.  This was pinks and purples.  It's so pretty, and soft with the fleece backing.  
Here is another quilt, the last one I did on my old frame.  I am terrible about doing binding.  I will wait til I have several that need to be done, and do them all at once.  
pink snowball quilt

detail of quilting of snowball quilt.

fleece back of pink snowball quilt
I used the variegated thread on this also, but just a large loop and meander.  It's just very cuddly, I have a hard time giving away these things!  

Well, time to go, more time to sew.  

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