Monday, November 28, 2011

Orca bay mystery clue #2

So, this is the second Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt I have participated in.  I love the way she does these mysteries, the small pieces and the scrappiness of it all!  I kind of follow her suggestions for colors, I am not very brave otherwise :).  I have been looking at what others are doing colorwise, and they are all going to be so beautiful.  I can't wait to see how everybody's quilts turn out.  So, here is my clue #2 pieces.
pile of strings

untrimmed blocks

trimmed blocks
I can't wait for Friday, seriously, it's like early Christmas for me every Friday morning. 
Oh, before I forget, here is my stack of blocks for clue 1:
Since I'm done with both clues, I guess I'll spend the rest of the week baking holiday cookies:
double chocolate chip cookies, YUM!
This week is the start of all the holiday baking, this house smells so good.  Also, working on a crocheted afghan as a gift, and a Raggedy Ann doll for a 1 year old, and the doll is bigger than she is! The hair on the doll is driving me crazy however, it just seems to take forever.  But, it'll keep me busy until Friday morning.  It would be really great if the clues came out twice a week now, wouldn't it.  Hint, hint.  :) Just kidding (maybe). 
Happy quilting,


  1. Your blocks look great. You sure do keep busy. Tomorrow morning clue 3, can't wait.

  2. Great job - I am following her colours selections too!