Wednesday, November 16, 2011

time to catch up

Ok, time has just been flying by!  Is anybody ready for the holidays?  I'm not.  When I went for my morning walk, my neighbor was putting his lights up outside.  I am so not ready.  It's going to be a very lean Christmas, with me in school, but the kids are pretty ok with that.  We have all talked about how commercial the holidays have become, so we are talking about giving some homemade gifts, as well as thoughtful gifts.  Where, rather than just buying willy-nilly, putting a lot of thought into what we get each other- quality vs. quantity.  So, that's what we are going to do this year. 
On the sewing front, I have been making some little girl dresses- and also working on this quilt:

I love the smiley face!

see the feather quilting in the red border?

My homemade template.
It's so cute!  I got the pattern out of an older Love of Quilting magazine.  It was a much smaller pattern, but I just went and made it bigger.  I'll put up more pictures when it's done. 
I also made some new velcro leaders for my frame:
 They work really well so far.  I got so very tired of pricking myself pinning onto the leaders.  It just took a few minutes, and voila! done.
Well, our puppy has grown so much, and has discovered he loves to sleep under his bed!
did you need me for something?
He is just too cute!  From zero to sixty in 2 seconds flat! 
Well, I had better go, I am trying to figure out fabrics for Bonnie Hunter's new mystery quilt, coming out on Friday!   Here is the link orca bay mystery she has had some great mystery quilts in the past, I can't wait for this one! Maybe I'll find the fabric I need in these piles:
This came out of 2 of the totes I had.  Think I can find something there?  LOL
Well, better go, got one sick older teen here today.  The daughter had it over the weekend, now it's his turn.  Wonder who's next to fall?
Happy quilting,

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  1. What an adorable quilt. Pinwheels and flower faces. Fons and Porter used to have the most adorable quilt patterns. Then I subscribed. That's usually the death knell for a magazine. I've let my subscription lapse in my disappointment over the issues. I'm sure it will be a fabulous magazine this year. That's the way it works. I call it the Deb Hex.

    Glad you survived the semester. I'm sure the holidays will fly by and you will wonder where all that free time went.

    I so very much enjoy your blog. It's such a treat to see your quilts.