Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Orca Bay Clue #3

So, here is my blocks for Bonnie Hunter's orca bay mystery quilt, clue #3.  
This is my basket where I keep all the completed blocks for the Mystery quilt. 

My trimmed blocks are on the right. 
I have been finding myself thinking about how to use these in other quilts!  I loved doing these blocks, even if they were a bit time consuming at times (or so it seemed to me).  Onto clue #4! 
In other stuff, been doing some baking, and managed to overheat my mixer this morning, and broke the door off my oven:
actually, the screw just came out, and as soon as the oven cools off, I'll fix it.  And clean off the stove.  Didn't realize how dirty it was!
Happy quilting,

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  1. yikes...baking and quilting. Thankfully you are so organized and clearly a multi-tasker.