Monday, December 19, 2011

Orca bay mystery clue #5

I got clue #5 done over the weekend, I can't believe it!  It's usually Wednesday or Thursday before I get the clues done.  I just enjoyed it so much, I even played around with some of the completed pieces:
Wouldn't something like this look really great in a border?  Hmm, maybe that's what it's for.  I think it would be great in all kinds of scrappy fabrics.  Just what I need, more ideas! :)
So, here is my completed pile of pieces:
There is such a range of fabrics in them, I love it!  I am so enjoying this mystery! Thank you Miss Bonnie!
Oh, and here is the aftermath of all that cutting and sewing this weekend:
I have been trailing these little bitty bits all over the house, time to vacuum!
Also today, I will be finishing this quilt up:

I am doing an allover meander, and I have had nothing but issues with this thing!  One of the take up pins on the frame broke, so I have temporarily fixed it, (will call Grace Company next week),then I sewed the backing fleece together wrong, Elvis was upside down on one side,  then my machine started making a funny noise.  It's like it's cursed!  So, since I have been up since midnight (issues with sleep, apparently I'm not supposed to get any, LOL), and I am loaded with at least 6 cups of very strong coffee, I am going to attempt to finish quilting this today, and then maybe try to get at least 1 good night's sleep (please) tonight.  I feel up to the challenge! (maybe) :p
Oh, and before I forget, pop on over and check out the different bloggers participating in the  orca bay mystery.  There are some very talented quilters out there, every time I click on another link, I am in awe. 
Happy quilting,

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