Monday, January 2, 2012

First post for 2012

I hope everybody had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year's, I can't believe 2011 is over already, it went so fast!
I work at restaurant that is open 24/7 (including all holidays) and I work overnight, so you can guess that we were very busy over the holidays. All I did was come home, sleep and do some sewing, and repeat.  Now, however, we are back to normal, and I really like normal.  My younger kids went to their dad's out of state for the holiday season, so we celebrated early:

Everybody got presents, including Mr.  Hiro, it was his very first Christmas.  He latched onto that stuffed Santa, and wouldn't let go. It now has no stuffing, that's the first thing he goes for. 
All in all, it was a very good holiday.  They come back on Thursday, and then everything goes back to normal on Monday.  Does anybody else find the holidays chaotic at times? There is no schedule, I guess is what I mean.  I like schedules, and knowing what I am doing at what time.  I like being in control, I guess. 
So, other sewing I have been doing is this:
 I made this doll for my son's girlfriend's 1 year old niece.  The doll is even bigger than she is, but she loves it.  The only problem I had was once I put the legs on, something looked odd, and I realized the legs were on backwards!  So, they had to be removed and put on the proper way.  It was funny, trying to figure out what just didn't look right! :)
 My ohio star blocks for the orca bay mystery quilt.  I honestly didn't see these blocks coming, but I really like them.  They were clue 6.
 Flying geese units for clue 7. 
 These are all my pieces from the different clues for Orca Bay Mystery. 
The first 2 rows for Orca Bay Mystery quilt.  I can't wait until I get this all together.  I have tomorrow off (other than picking up my books for class ), spend the morning cleaning, and then this baby is getting put together tomorrow afternoon.  When I get obsessed, I get it done! 
Well, time to do some more sewing!  Hope everybody has a very good 2012!
Happy quilting,

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  1. Cindy W Aus,
    Great Family photos, Happy New Year.
    Like what I can see of your Quilt so far, but just want to let you know, you have your Blue strings facing a different way then Bonnie intended, can't wait to see your finished quilt.