Wednesday, January 4, 2012

An Oops, and why Elvis still Lives (barely)

I made a little oops when I started putting together the rows for my Orca bay mystery quilt.  I had the blue string blocks going the wrong directions.  I started taking them apart last night. 
I thought I had paid attention to how they all went together, but I think I will be putting my design wall up today so I can make sure they are going together correctly.  At least I had only done one row wrong, not the whole top, that would be pretty disastrous for me I think.  I still can't wait until I get the top done and quilted.  Here's the thing though, I still haven't quilted her last mystery!  It just takes me a while LOL!
So, onto the Elvis quilt saga.  I explained in a previous post about all the problems I have had with this quilt here and the saga has not ended.  I finally got to the last panels on the frame, just quilting along, and discovered the fleece was not long enough on one end only.
Yep, on one side only.  I still have some left over fleece, so I will fix it, and put it back on the frame.  This quilt will be finished, once and for all! Oh, and I got the new take up pins for my frame from the Grace Company. 
Only one problem: The one on the left is from my frame- a start up frame, the one on the right is the one they sent me- for  the Majestic frame.  So, I called them, and they are sending me the correct ones.  They are really nice people, I have never had a problem with their customer service, and the parts come very quickly.  I am really hoping though, that this bad luck is over now.
Sigh- I hope everyone has a great Wednesday,  I get to finish getting the house cleaned up and ready for the kidlets to get home tomorrow from their Dad's.  How is it even though they have been gone for 2 weeks, I still have their laundry to do?  Ah, mysteries...
Happy quilting,

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