Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Another show- lots of pictures!

So, this past weekend was the other local quilt show, in Titusville.  I couldn't believe how busy it was only a few minutes after they opened!  Apparently, people were lined up when they opened. Wow.
So, I have a few pictures to share:

 This embroidered quilt was done way hand.

 Tiny pieces of fabric make up these drunkard's path blocks.  See, another reason to save every little scrap!

 These roses were drawn by hand, and then pieced.  Wow!

 Umbrella ladies done by embroidery machine, just beautiful. 
Hopefully, my next post will have pictures of some of what I have been trying to work on.  School is getting to me, and I have been back this semester only a month and a half.  Oh well, it will be worth it.  Went and bought more fabric the other day (great sale), and my mom asked how much fabric am I going be buying once I am done with school, and working, hopefully making more money than I am now?  I had to laugh.  I told her probably a lot more!  LOL
Hope everyone has a great day!
Happy quilting,