Friday, July 20, 2012

Having a good day, so far

So, like the title says, I am having a good day so far.  Got my Old Tobacco Road quilt top finished last night:
This really is a big quilt top.  My sons were holding it sideways, it is really long.  Why so long? you may ask, well, when I trimmed down the sides, I cut a wee bit too much from the sides.  :).  It's for me though, so I don't really mind.  I will be doing an all over design when I quilt it though, there are a lot of seams!  It has gone into the To-Be-Quilted pile, which-gulp-seems to be getting bigger, and bigger. 
I finally got a quilt on the frame, it's another Bonnie Hunter design, the Spider Web pattern, I fell in love with the pattern, and it also uses a lot of scraps (notice a theme here):
Note all the boxes?  There are even more on the other side of the room. 
 And, while quilting it, my stitch regulator decided to stop working from time to time, so I pulled this out:
My handy dandy speed controller.  See the mark? That is the perfect speed for my style of quilting.  I am doing an all over stipple with this quilt, hopefully it will get done by the end of the weekend, and I can put it into the FINISHED pile.  :)

On the job front, I have started applying at other places for employment.  I have also sent my resume to one of the local hospitals, I will take anything at this point, just to get my foot in the door.  I have a lot of education, just not a lot of job experience.  Hopefully, it will lead to at least an interview.  Fingers (and arms, legs, and fingers ) crossed. 
I hope everybody has a great day!  We will be in the house, it's supposed to be 105 here today if you factor in the humidity.  That just so messes up my hair!
Happy Quilting,

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  1. Wow! The Old Tobacco Road quilt is gorgeous. Love the flying geese border.